Bendable Maine

Going live Aug. 23!

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How Bendable Maine was developed

Over the span of a year, the Maine State Library worked with the Drucker Institute to tailor Bendable for the residents of the state. Below you’ll find some of the resources used during this process.

By the numbers:

  • 600+ Individual residents engaged for their input on design and content curation for Bendable Maine
  • 100+ Meetings with representatives of organizations all over the state–employers, nonprofits, schools and government agencies–to get their input
  • 160+ Organizations represented at those meetings

Building a community of lifelong learning

The Maine State Library is working with the Drucker Institute to bring Bendable, a lifelong learning system, to the residents of Maine. But Bendable isn’t being built for the community, it’s being built with the community.

Where to find a fellow

Our Fellows are here to ensure that Bendable is being shaped by Mainers for Mainers. They are working with a wide range of organizational stakeholders and individual residents to co-design Bendable Maine, help curate learning content to meet local interests and needs, promote the system and integrate it into the lives of Mainers everywhere. Feel free to reach out to help bring Bendable to your area.

Maine fellows map legend
Maine fellows map
Maine fellows map legend
Maine fellows map

How we choose what to include on Bendable

Bendable Maine is, in large part, a discovery tool—a way for residents to easily find and access the learning that is just right for them.

In turn, curating content—picking which learning resources to offer in the system and from which providers—is essential for enabling and enhancing that process of discovery. Click below to see the principles that guide us in our curation.

Building the catalog

“This opportunity to bring a customizable lifelong learning platform for all Maine people is incredibly exciting. Harnessing the creativity of Maine people, universities and colleges, as well as Maine businesses and nonprofits, will be fundamental in making Bendable Maine a success.”

– James Ritter Maine State Librarian
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