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Jennifer Pflugner

Discovering fun and worthwhile things to do with your family in South Bend

As both a teacher and I mom, I know there is a tendency for people to overlook many of the wonderful activities that are always taking place around South Bend. These resources will help you tap into a wealth of entertaining and enriching opportunities right here in the community.
LeRoy King

Understanding structural discrimination

The first step to building more diverse and inclusive spaces is recognizing the systemic barriers in our society that get in the way. I’ve been helping communities and organizations see them—and learn to dismantle them—for more than 15 years.
Laquisha Jackson

How to start a small business in the food industry

After 19 years in the hospitality industry, I wanted to switch lanes and start my own venture in the food industry. Actually, I wound up starting two—one for-profit and one nonprofit. I hope these resources can help guide you in taking the first steps to start your own food-related enterprise.
How to start making films on a budget
Chuck Fry

How to start making films on a budget

I spent some time in California, but then I came back to South Bend to make films—and you can learn to make them, too.
Olivia Critchlow

How to become a better leader

In my job at Leadership SBM, I help to cultivate civic leaders across the area. What I’ve learned in this role is that leadership is not about power or the size of your paycheck. It is about being authentic and taking action. Anyone can become a leader—and these resources, which I’ve used in my own life, will help to show you how.
How to build your own gaming PC
Fenil Patel

How to build your own gaming PC

After falling in love with personal computers, I built my first one in 2013. Now, working on PCs is my career. With this resource list, you can learn to build your own PC.
How to start your houseplant collection
Sarah Richards

How to start your houseplant collection

I thought my friend’s plants were wonderful, and so I started to grow my own.
How to get your security deposit back from your landlord
James Brogdon

How to get your security deposit back from your landlord

As a longtime landlord here in South Bend, I can help you learn your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.
Creating a beautiful environment for young children to learn and grow
Emily Rupchock

Creating a beautiful environment for young children to learn and grow

I’ve spent my career thinking about how to provide children with spaces that are both practical and inspiring.

Live & Learn

Live & Learn

Goodwill Industries of Michiana offers a wide range of programs with a single aim: helping people “live their most abundant lives,” in the words of Arden Floran, the nonprofit’s vice president of workforce development services. Of course, nurturing abundant lives takes abundant resources. And so Goodwill is integrating courses on Bendable into its Group Violence Intervention initiative, Nurse-Family Partnership, Excel Center high school for adults and more. Soon, it will also tap the lifelong learning system to train its own employees. Whatever its use, said Arden, “Bendable has been great for us.”

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Here are some learning resources to help you navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. You'll find more in the “Explore” tab.

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