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A community-powered learning marketplace

Bendable is a lifelong learning platform that allows residents of all ages and backgrounds to acquire new knowledge and skills through online courses as well as local, in-person opportunities.

“It’s a great democratic—small ‘d’—platform that makes this knowledge base and skill set available to all of our residents. Having that exposure will only help people move up the ladders of opportunity over time.”

– James Mueller Mayor of South Bend

The learning you need from the community you trust—your own!

By the community

Community Collections are personal playlists of learning resources (classes, TED Talks, podcasts, etc.) on a given subject put together by local residents.

For the community

Career Collections are learning pathways tailored to help people prepare for some of the most in-demand jobs in their area.

With the community

Bendable partners with the local public library to ensure that learning resources are customized for you.


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