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We’ve always described Bendable as “the lifelong learning system being shaped by Mainers for Mainers.”

Nowhere will this ethos be more on display, when we launch Bendable in August, than with Community Collections—learning playlists put together by residents across the state on topics in which they have expertise.

Take Bethany Zell, a certified health and wellness coach in Caribou. After losing more than 100 pounds, Bethany started her own coaching business, ZellBeing Wellness, where she has “loved being able to share how I was able to get off the dieting roller coaster and improve my overall well-being.”

Now, thanks to Bendable Maine, Bethany is set to share her knowledge more widely. Her collection, titled “Finding wholeness through health and wellness,” includes links to a wellness assessment, a video on the importance of sleep and how to incorporate essential oils for improving it, an app that helps you build healthier habits and other great learning resources.

Dozens of Community Collections besides Bethany’s are now in the works. Among them: Old Town resident Angela Oechslie on getting started as a Maine podcaster, Rockland resident Greg Marley on foraging for mushrooms, Bangor resident Nellie Kelly on getting your children involved in the arts and Maya Williams, the Portland poet laureate, on using poetry and media to talk about mental health.

Just wait until you see what Maine knows!

Bethany Zell
Bethany Zell is sharing her knowledge with her fellow Mainers by authoring a Community Collection on Bendable.
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