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A monthly update on the lifelong learning system being shaped by Mainers for Mainers
What's New?

The Bendable Maine team is growing!

To assist us in reaching residents and stakeholder organizations across the state so that they can continue to help us design a lifelong learning system that’s right for Maine, we’ve brought aboard two Bendable Fellows. (More below.)

Meantime, we’re looking for two more Fellows—ideally, one to be based in Portland and the other MidCoast. So, if you know of any good candidates for this position, please contact Lex Dennis at [email protected]

The Fellows’ job will be to work closely with employers, government entities, nonprofits and individuals to gain insight on the needs of Bendable Maine’s users while also building excitement for the system itself. Now, meet our first two Bendable Fellows:

Kate Hunter
Kate Hunter has been a stage manager for Bare Portland, the performance collective, and hosts a radio show in Madison, where she now lives. “The idea of crafting a program to be specific to my community is the most exciting part” of being a Fellow, Kate says. “It feels like a direct way to serve them.”
Christina Kane-Gibson
Christina Kane-Gibson has an extensive background in communications and marketing, including serving as events and marketing director for the City of Caribou, where she lives. “I can barely contain my excitement for the amazing things I see ahead!” Christina says of Bendable Maine.