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A universe of learning, customized by you

Bendable delivers online and in-person learning to your patrons via a beautifully designed browser-based app. Think of Bendable as your digital end cap for learning—a way to make content discovery fun, relevant and timely. Whether it’s a yoga class at your local YMCA or an online course on coding from a leading national provider, Bendable is the place your patrons can tap into the learning they need.

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What do you get?

Your own Bendable learning catalog

Our team of learning specialists will craft a catalog for your patrons out of the tens of thousands of digital courses, classes and resources that they now have access to—but are likely buried somewhere on your website. You tell us about your community, and we dig into regional labor market data. Then we balance topics, skill level, age and modality so that all of your patrons are one click away from the learning they need. If you’d like, we can even add in local providers, like the city's parks department, your neighborhood senior center or Goodwill, so that community-based, in-person choices are highlighted alongside the big national providers.

An initial set of Bendable Collections

We’ve found that when it comes to learning, people trust their neighbors more than algorithms. So we’ve designed a way for you to highlight what your community knows and is passionate about. Our team will gather recommendations and create six Community Collections—personal learning playlists on a specific topic, put together by local residents. And we’ll train your staff on how to make more.

We know that many libraries are playing a growing role in local workforce development. If that’s you, Bendable’s got your back. Based on labor market data, we’ll create six Career Collections—learning pathways aimed at preparing patrons for the most promising careers in your community.

Ongoing access to Spotlight recommendations

Bendable gives your staff easy ways to highlight content so that your Bendable homepage is always fresh and timely. If time is tight, you can choose from our menu of pre-set Bendable Spotlights on everything from “Back to school” to “Staying fit and healthy” to “Celebrating Black History Month.”

Easy-to-use tools that tame the vast array of learning resources out there

Bendable’s CMS was co-designed with librarians to ensure that you would find it easy to use. You can turn features on and off, depending on your community’s needs and your library’s capacity. You’ll receive training for your staff, as well as ongoing technical support and KPIs to keep you updated on Bendable usage in your community.

See it for yourself

Results that speak for themselves


engagement with learning content on Bendable versus other platforms

Source: St. Joseph County Public Library pilot program, South Bend, Indiana

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Bendable is an offering of the Drucker Institute, a nonprofit social enterprise based at Claremont Graduate University. The Institute created Bendable with funding from Google’s and Walmart’s corporate foundations. The system was designed by IDEO. The Institute launched Bendable in June 2020 in South Bend, Indiana, in partnership with the St. Joseph County Public Library.

It costs $25,000 to stand up Bendable—a process that takes about three months—and cover the first year of usage. Starting in the second year, there is an ongoing annual license fee of $15,000. Because Bendable is such a powerful workforce development tool, libraries may well have an opportunity to find willing public and philanthropic funders in their community.

A library needs to appoint one point person or a small team to help with the implementation process. After that, it’s really up to you. You can refresh your catalog regularly—or hardly at all. Many updates happen automatically, and no library IT staff is needed to maintain Bendable. Or you can lean in and leverage Bendable to showcase learning events at your library and in your community on an ongoing basis. As part of our onboarding and training, we’ll help you figure out what model is best for you.

No integration with the library’s existing network is required to deploy Bendable. We can integrate with your ILS for one-time verification of library card status. We strive to include this, if desired, as part of our onboarding package. In some cases, customization may be required. The exact cost for this additional customization will be determined based on the type of system your library is using, but is generally expected to be in the range of $5,000 to $15,000.

Bendable is compliant with the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) and the European Union’s GDPR. You can find our full policy here.


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