Become a technical support specialist
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Become a technical support specialist

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IT Sector Partnership

Just about every company in South Bend relies on technology to keep the business running smoothly. But who makes sure that the technology itself is running right?

Bendable sat down with Shabbir Qutbuddin, director of the IT Sector Partnership, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating tech talent in the South Bend-Elkhart region, to ask that very question. Shabbir helped us to create a Career Collection that will prepare someone to become a technical support specialist—a position tasked with solving computer, operating system and network-based issues for all sorts of organizations.

As you successfully complete each course, you’ll earn a digital badge to mark your progress. You’ll then receive a Bendable Technical Support Specialist badge when you’ve finished all of the required learning experiences.

About this career:
Technical Support Specialist
Annual Salary
  • Low:$31,845
  • Median:$36,606
  • High:$42,018
Companies hiring
the most in the
field include
  • Indiana University
  • 1st Source Bank
  • Press Ganey
Projected growth over the next 10 years
Percent of job
postings requiring
a specific degree
  • High school:32%
  • Associate’s:23%
  • Bachelor’s:39%
  • Advanced:5%
Source: Burning Glass Technologies.
Data is updated quarterly for the South Bend-Mishawaka Metropolitan Statistical Area.